WHO Committee


In a time when the mainstream media focuses attention on the threat of terrorism and the effects of war on the international community, the World Health Organization tackles the tangible threats from inadequate maternal and neonatal health care systems, and neglected tropical diseases. Everyone has heard the story of a broken health care system. Yet, has everyone heard the story of a broken health coordination system that’s been fixed? It is up to the World Health Organization to find the resources, the support, and the will power to save the lives of millions of neglected people.  


Hana Flaxman

Dear Delegates,

I’d like to personally welcome you to the second iteration of the Ivy League Model United Nation Conference in Vietnam. My name is Hana Flaxman and I am so excited to meet you all at what is sure to be an unforgettable conference. It is my pleasure to be serving as the Chair for the World Health Organization (WHO), and to be able to moderate discussions on important humanitarian issues. WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations which is mainly concerned with international health initiatives. In the past it has dealt with issues such as the HIV/AIDS crisis, substance abuse, and the eradication of smallpox. As a Premedical student at the University of Pennsylvania, issues of human health and well-being are of great concern to me. For this reason I have decided upon two paramount topics regarding global health which I believe will spark intriguing debates and creative solutions.

When I am not home studying for my Organic Chemistry classes, I enjoy baking, creating art, and performing in musicals. I also have worked in various research labs both in Pennsylvania and in my hometown, Providence, Rhode Island, and would be happy to share my experiences with anyone who is interested! I currently serve as the Director of Design on the Secretary Board of the International Affairs Association, and have loved every minute of it. Through this club I’ve been lucky enough to meet countless passionate, inspiring, and wonderfully kind people. We are all dedicated to planning phenomenal conferences for delegates around the world, an initiative that I am proud to be a part of.

As Chair of the World Health Organization, I am looking for delegates to demonstrate preparedness as well as an eagerness to engage with the topics of discussion. Sufficiently prepared delegates will have conducted their research, thought deeply on the issues at hand, and come to committee with distinct ideas. I hope to promote an environment that is both productive and enjoyable in my committee, where every single delegate can work on their individual skills. My number one goal is that everybody is able to take something away from this conference, whether that be a new perspective, improved teamwork skills, or a new friend.


Hana Flaxman