Registration Guidelines

REgistration form

Please note: Delegates have the option to register as part of a delegation or as an individual. For those who are part of a delegation, the form will only need to be filled out ONCE by the head delegate or faculty advisor. 

  1. Register for ILMUNC Vietnam II here !

  2. After you have filled in the registration form, our Secretariat will review your registration and send you a confirmation email once your registration has been processed.

  3. Upon receiving a confirmation email, you will be given payment instructions on how to pay your delegate fee.

  4. Once you have submitted your conference fee, we will send you a payment confirmation email with instructions on how to proceed with committee requests.

IMPORTANT: Only delegates who have paid by the deadline will be given conference assignments. Those who do not meet the payment deadline will not be given spots at the conference. 

For Individual Delegates

Please fill out the form with the following information:

School information: The school you currently attend (regardless of whether you are participating as a representative of that school or not.)

Delegation size: 1

Number of Faculty Advisors: 1

Faculty Advisor Information: Put your personal information here.