ILMUNC Vietnam

About ILMUNC Vietnam

The brand ILMUNC was founded as the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference at the University of Pennsylvania in 1984 by Penn International Affairs Association (IAA), one of the largest and most active student organizations on Penn's campus. Ever since, we at the IAA have been striving to make an impact on students and teachers’ lives by providing a truly unique educational experience. Each year, the IAA runs two major U.S conferences (ILMUNC & UPMUNC), as well as 3 international conferences in India, Peru, and China. Furthermore, the IAA is home to the number one competitive Model UN team in North America. Following its vision to expand the organization’s international presence, the IAA’s newest priority is branching out to Vietnam with its successful and proven international conference model.

ILMUNC Vietnam is  a four day simulation of the official United Nations sessions, where delegates will represent officials from different countries and have the opportunity to engage in political discourse, lobby their country policies and from there, derive solutions to pressing global issues.

Mission Statement 

ILMUNC Vietnam serves as a platform for students from all around the world to discuss, debate and find solution for some of the most pressing issues that the world faces today. The goal of ILMUNC Vietnam is to encourage progress in society and inspire constructive solutions amongst students who will shape the future of today’s world. We strive to simulate discussions in a realistic environment to ensure that our delegates understand the complexities of international affairs and the workings of entities such as the United Nations. With some of the most experienced staffers in the world, we at ILMUNC Vietnam strive to bring our delegates an intellectually enriching, culturally engaging, and personally enthralling experience through an extremely unique platform.